When we: Replace your roof

Why’s the work being done?

Our Asset Management team keeps track of repairs and photos of roofs of the buildings we own. If any of them have any of the following problems, they’ll be added to the roof replacement programme: 

  • If they’re in poor condition 
  • If they’re likely to cost too much to repair
  • If they’re old and likely to start having problems in the near future


What you need to do

  • To make sure nothing gets damaged and to help us start the work on time, you’ll need to clear your loft before we start work
  • We always need to put up scaffolding to do a reroofing job, so we’ll also ask you to move any garden furniture, parked cars or vans or anything that’s near the walls which will stop us putting it up
  • If you need any help moving things, please get in touch with us as soon as possible
  • It’d also help if you let us into your garden when we need to pop round the back. And keep any pets and young children from joining us
  • Please remember – when we’re working in your home, we’ll need an adult (someone 18 or above) to be there too.

What work’s involved?

For all roofs: 

  • We’ll check for any asbestos in all types of roofs, and remove if it’s damaged or dangerous
  • Once the job’s complete, we’ll take the scaffolding down and make everywhere clean and tidy 

For different kinds of roofs: 

  • For a pitched roof (that’s roofs that have a point), we’ll replace all the parts of the roof (fascia, soffits, guttering, felt batten and tiles)
  • For a flat roof above rooms that are lived in, we’ll replace the existing roof covering, including felt decking and insulation
  • For a flat roof above rooms that are not lived in, we’ll replace existing roof covering with either a cement based or a polycarbonate corrugated roof sheet, and replace the guttering, if necessary


When the work’s being done

We’ll try our very best to disturb you as little as possible. But, we’re sorry to say, sometimes the work will affect the normal things that happen to your home.

  • Occasionally scaffolding can affect TV reception
  • We may need to move aerials or satellite receivers. But don’t worry we’ll put them back as soon as we can (even before we finish the job, if we can)
  • If we’re using scaffolding it may mean you won’t be able to open your windows fully until it’s removed again 
  • We might need to disconnect any lights which are on fixed parts of the building while we work and reconnect once the work’s finished 
  • There may be some slight disruption to your garden. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure it’s neat and tidy again once the work’s finished
  • Inspectors will make sure the work’s finished properly and meets the right standards. They will make regular inspections during the work and one after it’s completed