When we: Redecorate the outside of your building

Why’s the work being done?

We do this work for many different reasons, they include:

  • It’s been a while since the area has been decorated
  • It’s in poor condition


What you need to do

  • We may need to get into your garden and we sometimes need to use scaffolding to reach difficult areas and keep the people doing the work safe
  • If we do, we’ll ask you to clear the area before we come and ask that you make sure the area is clear
  • We may need to paint your front door, so you'll need to allow enough time for it to dry before closing it
  • But don’t worry, we’ll put up notices and we'll let you know by letter or email giving you plenty of notice of when the work will begin


What work may be involved?

  • We’ll look at the area where the work is being done to decide if it just needs a wash down or full redecoration. This will help us to decide whether we need scaffolding or not
  • If a wash down is needed, we’ll clear the guttering and wash down all plastic on the outside of the building and put in new gutter guards, if they’re needed 
  • If we need to, we’ll also get a specialist contractor in to clean the rendering. Rendering is where a mix of sand and cement has been added to the walls and painted
  • We’ll also check for any asbestos to make sure you’re safe
  • If it needs a fresh lick of paint, we’ll do this and carry out any repairs needed at the same time


When the work is being done

We’ll try our very best to disturb you as little as possible. But, we’re sorry to say, sometimes the work will affect the normal things that happen to your home.

  • Occasionally scaffolding can affect TV reception
  • We may need to move aerials or satellite receivers. But don’t worry we’ll put them back as soon as we can (even before we finish the job, if we can)
  • If we’re using scaffolding it may mean you won’t be able to open your windows fully until it’s removed again 
  •  We might need to disconnect any lights which are on fixed parts of the building while we work and reconnect once the work is finished There may be some slight disruption to your garden. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure it’s neat and tidy again once the work’s finished
  • Inspectors will make sure the work is completed properly and meets the correct standards. They will make regular inspections during the work and another one after it’s completed