When we: Replace your windows and doors

Why’s the work being done?

We regularly check the windows and outside doors in our homes to make sure:

  • The windows and doors have been in less than 30 years. We expect our windows and doors to last a minimum of 30 years
  • The windows and doors cost less to repair than to replace

If your windows or doors need, or are due, to be replaced, one of our team will be in touch to book in a time to come and talk about it.


What you need to do

  • We can’t offer you a choice of windows as they’re all white UPVC, unless you live in a listed building or a building that has planning conditions against it for the colour or type of window
  • And your back door will be a white UPVC glazed door too
  • But you do get a choice of colours and styles, from our available range, for your front door
  • Once you’ve chosen your front door, we’ll agree a date with you to start the work. Please be aware though it usually takes around six weeks to make the windows and doors
  • Once you have a start date, to help us please make sure the area is clear for us to carry out the work
  • Please remember – when we’re working in your home, we’ll need an adult (someone 18 or above) to be there too.


What work’s involved?

  • We’ll remove your old windows and/or doors
  • We’ll make good any surfaces we disturb
  • We’ll install new windows and/or doors and fit white UPVC trim, if needed 

You’ll be given a key for every lockable handle on a window and two or three keys for each door