When we: Replace your boiler

Why’s the work being done?

We replace the boiler systems in our homes when:

  • They get too old
  • They’re not in good condition
  • They can’t be repaired

Boilers that need replacing are added to our yearly programme.


What you need to do

  • So that nothing gets lost or broken, while the work’s being done, we’ll ask you to put away any valuables or personal belongings that are near the boiler
  • Please remember – when we’re working in your home, we’ll need an adult (someone 18 or above) to be there too


What work’s involved?

When your boiler is due to be replaced:

  • We'll get in touch and arrange to come along to carry out a site survey to check what type of boiler you need and if the radiators need changing too
  • We’ll also decide if radiator thermostats are needed and if the system needs new heating controls
  • We’ll set a date with you to come and do the work. It could take a day or two and we'll try and offer you a time that’s best for you